As a leader in on-line training for the hospitality industry, PSCC has developed Food Safety Certification for Managers with a fresh approach to certification and training. Developed by instructors with academic backgrounds and field experience, this course integrates the leading research on teaching techniques with a practical understanding of what food managers need to know.

This course is the critical first step for managers seeking their initial certification or recertification. Food Safety Certification for Mangers includes comprehensive information on food-borne illnesses and techniques for you to reduce potential risks for your customers and your food establishment. You will learn about foods that require time and temperature controls with specific strategies on maintaining the safety of those foods from the moment they arrive in your establishment until they are served to your customers. Knowing the causes and prevention techniques for food-borne illnesses is just the first step. As a manager, it is your responsibility to make sure every employee and process in your establishment is done with the health and safety of your customers in mind. To that end, this course will also give you resources and information on integrating the food code and safe food handling into your daily operations.

Click on this link to enroll in Food Safety Certification for Managers. When you complete the course, you will receive detailed instructions on how you can register for one of the Certification Exams approved by the Conference for Food Protection.