Online Food Safety Class
Get your official food handler card from Rserving!

Customized Training Packages

With PSCC, you can develop a training program that meets your specific needs. And, as an employer making advance course purchases, you qualify for bulk rate pricing! Choose the number and type of courses you want to purchase - PSCC takes care of the rest.

With your bulk purchase from PSCC, you will be assigned alpha-numeric token codes that correspond to the number of courses purchased. You assign the codes to your employees and, as soon as they are redeemed, you are able to track their progress through the PSCC Employer Interface. These codes do not expire. They will be available to you and your employees whenever a training need arises.

PSCC offers a full line of courses to choose from including:
  • Food Safety Certification for Managers
  • Food Safety for Handlers
  • Responsible Serving® of Alcohol (sometimes referred to as a bartender license or permit)
  • Waiter/Waitress Training
  • Gratuity Secrets
  • And more!
Employer Interface

PSCC's proprietary employer interface combines the benefits of online training with electronic record keeping. When your employees redeem the token codes you've assigned to them, you are able to view up-to-the-minute data that includes which employees have registered for the course, the most recent quiz scores for any lesson completed, and final exam scores. You are also able to view, print, and save your employee's certificates.